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Essenuoto Italia is privately located on the Adriatic coast in the North of Italy (15 km. From Rimini and Bologna from 100).
And 'proprietary brand Essenuoto® registered in Italy and in all countries of European and non-European.
It promotes and distributes sportswear exclusively of high quality branded Essenuoto® produced at the property site in the resort above.

  1. Essenuoto It was formed in 1974 and its long experience developed in the clubs so it is able to meet any corporate request. Despite being equipped with the most innovative and modern techniques of CAD / CAM and embroidery, it is the production flexibility, the distinctive feature of Essenuoto than its competitors. This flexibility allows, in fact, the extreme customization of products according to customer requirements with short delivery time (30 days max.), Reorders guaranteed for 10 years and even small amount of production. No sportswear manufacturer can guarantee a customer service oriented as Essenuoto.
  2. From 01/06/02 it has operated a fully automated service for the production of single items or prototypes also customer design (Taylor Made)
Great attention is also placed on the study and testing of new fabrics, extremely important for the development of specific products for the competitive activity of high level. The quality standard is still guaranteed by internal production that allows the continuous monitoring of the entire process: from the control of raw materials to the finished product.

The "Bike by professional ESSENUOTO": As of late 2008, the Company ESSENUOTO begins to follow the trends in the fitness market Aquatic. In order to start the project above ESSENUOTO inaugurates a new company, on an area of 3,500 Mq.², where begins the prototyping of the first Hydrobike professional fully automatic with a maxi-rotor, patented worldwide, resistance hydrodynamic progressive. MISUSE Hydrobike, for its unique techniques and innovative, is a first and is particularly suitable for the diversified activities Fitness / Spa, training, strength training, etc. The same was adopted by the best hospitals and centers Physio / Rehab French, for weight-loss programs for obese people, functional rehabilitation leg (especially the knee ligaments, hip etc.).

The rotor aerodynamic resistance progressive, based on the speed of rotation, has been designed and patented to be placed on a frame hydro-bike stationary activities Fitness, rehabilitation, development and toning of the muscles of the legs and pelvis, athletic preparation , slimming activity, and more. The helical shape of the blades of marine type, favors creating a channel for the water current that starts in the center propeller and radiates to the outside perimeter resulting in a current of water that laps legs and pelvis: invigorating massage of the muscles above without affecting the stability of the bike. Using the principle of the Maxi-rotor patented ESSENUOTO has created a diverse set of tools for the sectors of Physio / Aqua-Rehab and Training for which today the company is considered a leader in the world both in terms of quality tools for the exclusivity and innovation of the same.

L'Hydrobike ESSENUOTO is certified and complies with the safety requirements considered relevant and of the Directive: "93/42" concerning medical devices. The same was registered in the database of the Italian Ministry of Health No. 1,037,026.
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